Students, activists protest UC Berkeley cancel for nonpayment policy

Friday August 19, 2016
Jessica Lynn

After marching across campus, activists presented a list of demands in front of California Hall, which included calls for an investigation into the design and implementation of the policy and student oversight over future administrative decisions.

Additionally, the protesters demanded an increase in Cal Central and financial aid staff, better education for financial aid workers in helping students with extenuating circumstances and more transparent timelines for financial aid disbursement.

“We want to be considered students, not customers,” Rico said.

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UC Berkeley junior AJ Hill announces independent candidacy for ASUC Senate

Sunday April 9th, 2017
Revati Thatte

A gender nonbinary student, Hill is committed to ensuring that people who do not conform to certain gender stereotypes can access restrooms on campus. Hill’s specific goals include making all first-floor restrooms in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union gender-inclusive. All-gender is widely considered preferable to gender-neutral because it acknowledges each person’s individual gender identity. Hill also said they support the Free the Tampon campaign.

Having lent support to the Undergraduate Worker’s Union in the past, Hill said they want to put the food waste from Cal Dining to better use. They cited a lack of student access to excess food as a prominent issue and stated that they want Cal Dining to sell the excess food at reduced prices or give it away.

Hill also wants the ASUC to act as an oversight body, primarily concerning UCPD. After the Milo Yiannopoulos protest, Hill said they noticed an increased police presence on campus and its effect on students.

Party chairs, candidates weigh in on ASUC parties’ extensive selection process

April 8, 2018
Alyssa Bernardino

"Aidan Hill, who ran independently in the 2017 ASUC elections, said the slating process is biased toward a “certain type of student.”

“Political parties (are) looking for the best dressed, best looking, best memorable or niche trait that can get them the vote they want,” said Hill. “The reality is most students are intersectional and most students don’t have a popular backing with them.”

Hill also criticized the lack of political variation in certain parties, which limits a party’s possible audience and creates the possibility of party-backed senators voting on resolutions along party lines. This system, Hill described, creates different “fights for power in a vacuum that doesn’t have power in the first place.”

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Aidan Hill announces candidacy for Berkeley City Council District 7

Monday May 28, 2018
Matthew Lo

"Hill transferred to UC Berkeley in 2016 as a junior but then took the past year off for personal reasons. Influenced by their identity as a nonbinary formerly homeless first-generation student of color, Hill’s platform is focused on three main themes: “Housing as a Human Right,” “Food Security for All” and “Sanctuary City 2.0.”

Hill’s plans would allow students to petition UC Berkeley to convert the unoccupied chancellor’s residence, University House, into student housing. Hill said the Berkeley Student Cooperative and the Homeless Student Union should manage the property in cooperation with the campus.

While fellow candidate Rigel Robinson has supported the partial development of People’s Park, Hill opposes development “by any means.” For Hill, the lack of student housing does not justify “the erasure” of the park’s historical and cultural significance to the Berkeley community.

“Because we’re at a public university, we have to be fighting for the people who are living at People’s Park,” Hill said."

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Marriage was never enough: Why I’m still proud

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Aidan Hill

"Cathalina Christina James became Jacksonville, Florida’s third Black trans womxn murdered in 2018. Corporate Pride — companies sponsoring Pride that historically harm people of color and low-income constituents — chose to continue its march, shaking hands with police officers instead of occupying the streets. Pride used to be a protest — against an armed force that continues to abuse us and disrupt the only safe places our communities have. Have we forgotten that Shiloh Heavenly Quine, a trans womxn imprisoned in the same city that elected Harvey Milk, was placed in men’s prisons for 36 years, even after disclosing her womanhood in 2009? According to Mercury News, Shiloh continues to be “housed alone in a cell,” suffering with “no privacy … pushing her toward anxiety, depression” and attempted suicide. PRIDE+ is a rebellion against a society that fully intends to let us die when we only want to live. PRIDE+ does not shake hands with cops who place gender minorities in men’s jails. PRIDE+ rises with our water defenders instead. Our month of outrage has been infiltrated by predatory forces trying to convince us that marriage was enough. Marriage was never enough — but still, I’m proud."

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