Public Housing

"School should be a right: A public education at a public university should be free for all!"

Ending Hunger

"If you're more worried about drugs or crime but not if people go to bed hungry, your priorities are not in line with mine." - Aidan Hill

Police Reform

“The fact remains that we are human and we have a right to live and breathe and be happy in the space that we call our own, and we have the right to a community.”

Defend People's Park

The People of People's Park seek the opportunity to make it a safe and welcoming open space connected to, but independent from the University, as well as a memorialization that will last generations, if our chancellor took a stand to protect Free Speech, the Right to Assembly, and changed a symbol of elitism such as a mansion into a home for all.

Mansion to Housing

The methods to achieve our goals must be as important as the goals themselves. We should not have unoccupied mansions on public land.