Why I'm Running

As an environmentalist and political activist, I am dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable members of our community. A public education at a public university should be free for all, and will developing a Public Housing Option, Programs designed to End Hunger in Berkeley as well as strengthen our Sanctuary City Status and reform our criminal justice system for our most at-risk residents to remain protected. Likewise, I am running to be the first openly gender Non-Binary public office holder in US History and I hope to continue the tradition of Free Speech at UC Berkeley.

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This campaign is less about me and more about us. I'm just one person with a keyboard. I believe in the power of the streets. I believe in community. I hope you believe in my vision and will invest in a new generation of people with new capabilities to seize the political landscape from those who knowingly bring us harm. We can build from the foundation of the oppressors without wearing their chains. Will you help?